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Our Recruitment Agency is a subsidiary enterprise under the AR GROUP as an ideal client and service-oriented Human Resource firm in Ghana, registered under the Labour Law Act 2003. We span over 7 years in domestic and International recruitment.

Our goal is to meet the HR expectations of Industries and individuals globally, by providing excellent HR solutions: Recruiting, Outsourcing and Management services.

With a data base of over 20,000 skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled candidates, we work across; various industries, recruiting temporary/casual, permanent and fixed term contract staff to meet companies staffing or HR needs. We appreciate the uniqueness of every client. Thus, carve unique solutions to address peculiar recruitment campaigns – giving a holistic approach to our recruitment processes; providing qualified candidates as staff and enhancing business performance through quality workforce.

We recruit general workers for companies as well. These include;

    We recruit cleaners to various companies and institutions as per their perusal. These companies and organizations include schools, banks, companies and many others. Our workers are very diligent and hardworking as well thrive wherever they go.
    We also recruit for individuals and companies, institutions and organizations Nannies and Housekeepers for smooth running of offices and homes.
    AR Group also recruit for construction companies and general laborers for both temporal and permanent duties. Either to help complete a construction project or a construction team to complete a remodel.
    We also recruit licensed, experienced and professional drivers, with not less than 5 years of experience available to provide safe and efficient transportation services for organizations. We ensure our recruits are well-trained in defensive driving and have a clean driving record, with substantial knowledge of traffic rules and regulations
    We also recruit for factory and warehouse workers af all kinds to manufacturing companies and food processing companies both local and international companies to both individuals and organizations as well.
    Our security personnel are trained by Marshalls and officials of the Ghana Police Service and National Security Agency. They are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to provide efficient security services to organizations. They are well-versed in security protocols and are trained to handle any security situation that may arise.
    We also provide licensed UK trained Ghanaian nurses, and in Ghana by the Ghana Health Service. Our nurses have the necessary skills and qualifications to provide quality healthcare services to any health organization and its clients or patients. Our nurses can communicate fluently in English, making it easy to understand and communicate with your team and with patients.

    We also provide care giving services. Our care givers are both formal and informal. The formal and informal. Our formal care givers are health professionals who are medically apt and can give medical care. However, our informal caregivers are hospitality givers who give care to people who need help taking care of themselves. For example, children, the elderly, or patients who have chronic illness or disabled.

Industries we serve

Oil & Gas
Health Care
Mobirise Website Builder

We have array of services, with a dedicated team to ensure client satisfaction

Staffing/Recruitment (Local & International): With our data base of over 20,000 job seekers and our strategic campaigns, we are able to recruit, locally, skilled professionals, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel for company’s home and abroad, whose career goals align with client’s or organizational goals. Thus, bringing aboard new and creative ideas to put the company on a unique and competitive level.

Payroll Management: - With our rich experience in payroll management, we have built a system which supports outsourced payroll needs with efficiency and confidentiality. We also save you the hassle of dealing with statutory bodies, saving time and risks in payment of possible penalties.

HR Outsourcing: We have built a capacity over the years to manage over a 50-200 workforce (skilled and unskilled) simultaneously for different projects. This is as a result of our deeper understanding of standard HR practices, policies and procedures. Our goal is to give organizations that luxury of time to focus on strategic thinking and optimizing productivity whiles we provide them with this service.

Expatriate Management Services: As an Internationally licensed organization, as part of our Expat (Management) services, we have a package for organizations which come into the country for a long- or short-term projects and would require talents to execute their projects successfully.

As part of our services, we also conduct a post-hire follow up to ensure our candidates are  up to task. Also, ascertain if the working environment is conducive for candidates.Also, we partner firms and other staffing agencies, both renowned and that which do not have
an existence here in Ghana.


With our full-scale recruitment process, clients are guaranteed of a comprehensive procedure from the initial authorization to offering stage: 


Briefing/Preliminary Discussion

We establish contact with you by acknowledging receipt of your request. We thoroughly discuss the HR request and take all the necessary details. We agree on a time frame and service charge for the project.

Talent Search/CV sourcing

Database search for CVs & Extensive candidate network, Referral. Online advertising campaigns Vetting of curriculum vitae  Aptitude testing (if necessary)

Selection Process

Presentation of candidates, constituting panels and organizing first-round interviews. Work sample if necessary.  Final interviews

Quality Checking

Education & professional qualifications Verbal references Background checks/Police clearance (if necessary) Medical checks/reports (if necessary)

Managing the Offer

Open Communication with candidates Candidate and Client Briefing Open submission of the remuneration & requirements. Post recruitment follow-ups on client and employee.

However, you need to hire Ghana employees while handling everything from compensation to payroll and the stress off your shoulders.
AR Recruitment Agency will give your company a jump starts through Ghana hiring outsourcing. As a result, you will not have to worry about recruiting, meeting the country’s compliance laws or spending time creating your own subsidiary because we will do all that thereby taking the stress off your your shoulder.

ARGroup Recruitment Agency is the best HR firm to choose when looking for quality but affordable

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